Back For Good

Hi blog world,

I know I have been gone for a while but I’m BACK

I’m gonna be honest and say that whilst I was gone, I though about not returning.

HOWEVER, I’m not someone who leaves things half done (at least I don’t want to be that person) so I decided to come and make a real go of this blogging thing.

My exams are over and results are in. By God’s amazing grace I passed everything with flying colours. Now that I have all the time in the world to knit, I’m hoping to have more to blog about.

I wanted to keep this post short and sweet so yeah. I’m back for good.

See you around.



Overdue Finished Stitches

Before I start, I have to mention how much I have missed my sweet corner of the internet, the place where I can talk about knitting. As usual the issues are the same, a lack of time and not having good photos have prevented me from blogging. I am also a final year student so that factors in from time to time.

In the time I have been away, I have managed to complete 2 garments from my knit list.

The first garment I finished is Shearling from my knit list. I am so sorry about the selfie pictures. I still don’t have anyone to take pictures of my finished work :(


Mini knit Review – This garment was a joy to knit; it went by really quickly – well considering that its made with gigantic 15mm needles. The rowan boucle yarn was really wonderful to knit with. It has so much texture and character. It is very warm and soft to the touch, not itchy at all. In fact its ideal scarf material. I may try and get hold of a few more balls to use on a scarf or snood.

It is definitely a favorite of mine and I am so sad that its been discontinued. The stitch pattern that kim chose for this garment was PERFECT. Because the yarn carries its own texture, its hard to see stitch patterns come alive, but this one works very well indeed. Since I finished this in January – yes it has been 2 months for me to blog about it. Please don’t judge me – I have been wearing it non-stop. It is such an amazing waist coat. One of the warmest winter pieces that I have.

 The Second Finished Garment was also a pattern from Kim Hargreaves and its called Fayer. I hope you have realised that I am a massive fan of her designs. I immediately fell in love with this simple and wearable garment because it is totally practical. I just throw it over a pair of jeans and boots and BAM! just like that, I am ready to go about my business for the day. Rowan alpaca cotton is my favorite yarn EVER! and its awful that they have also discontinued it. The pattern was easy and straight forward. Very suitable for beginners.

  So here are the pictures. As you can see I actually tried to get some proper pictures this time around. and it was a #Fail


I know I don’t look too impressed but I promise I am really trying hard with getting good enough pictures. Also the cloudy weather in England has not helped at all. Anyway I guess these pictures are better than no pictures at all.

So this is it for now. I really miss this space but alas I have to go and study.

So until next time my lovies


PS: Please leave some feedback on this post if you have a second. I will be most grateful.

Knitting On The Train

Everyday I have to travel an hour away from home to get to university. That’s an hour going there and an hour coming back. As any knitter will tell you, we never have enough time to knit because life gets in the way. So knitting whilst in transit is a gift from God.I have finished many a garment piece on the train.
For example, I knit about 80% of this garment on my comute to work.

It’s the Aaren pattern by Kim Hargreaves from her book, precious.
I knitted it in rowan pure wool aran. A brilliant yarn that was recently discontinued :(

So anyway, back to the story:
Most people are curious when I take my knitting out. They watch me knit for a few minutes and then lose interest. Some people smile at me, others start up conversation and most congratulate or compliment my skill.

This time was completely different. For the first time ever! I encountered a man that was irritated by my knitting.

I am currently in the process of making Greenwich. It’s part if my knit list 2014. Here is a picture.

So I get on the train, settle in, get my knitting out and start working my needles. They are metal so they click with every stitch.
After about 5 minutes of knitting, i started feeling a stare so I looked up and behold. The man sitting diagonally across from me was giving me evil eyes. He looked like he wanted me to vanish.
I was shocked, never before had anybody looked at me like this. Anyway, he had a book in his hand so I figured that my clicking was interrupting his reading peace. Who knows, maybe his reading time is as precious to him as my knitting time is to me. Well I felt so bad that I had to put my knitting away. I didn’t want anyone hating me/plotting my murder because my knitting was too noisy.

I guess there is a first time for everything. If you are reading this and you have any similar knitting stories, please a comment below. I would love to hear about yours.

X Lydia

Rowan Spring/Summer 1

I am a massive rowan fan and as expected, I was really excited that their Spring/Summer range was released early this year. There is a lot included so without further ado, lets get into this review. Most of the new publications can be seen in the picture below but in this post I will be dealing with the official rowan magazine 55 20140121-194318.jpg

The Big One: Rowan Magazine 55
Boasting a whopping 50 knitting patterns, it is fair to say you definitely get your monies worth with this publication.
There are four different collections within the magazine.
Clarity, Legacy, Exclusively Kaffe and Essentials

The rowan magazine describes this collection as, and I quote: “A beautiful, feminine collection of fine knits photographed at the stunning Spanish hill top town of Vejer de la Frontera”

My favourite patterns from this collection:
Mercy,Promise and Madonna 


I chose these 3 patterns because they are beautiful and wearable. I love the delicate colour scheme of Madonna and Mercy. These patterns fall directly within my clothing requirements for the summer. Something lose, light and airy. I find that the worst thing is wearing clothing that traps heat during hot summer  days. they leave you feeling all hot and sweaty – yuk. I also really like Promise because she is right.on.trend. High-low garments are really in and its great to see that Rowan has designed a knitted piece that is fashionable and impressive all at the same time. Working with Kidsilk haze in that specific stitch pattern is not for the fainthearted.

it is also worth mentioning that the setting for photographing this collection is stunning and the model is absolutely gorgeous. Spain looks amazing and now I want to go there for my summer holiday. lol thanks rowan.

Moving on swiftly, the next collection is called


It is described by as a colourful collection of knitwear for men and women, photographed in the beautiful city of Seville.

My favourite patterns from this collection:
Madia,Eldora and Julieta


This collection is truly vibrant and I would encourage everyone to check it out online. It is full of beautiful colours and textures. Very lovely stuff. Madia is quite rightly the front cover of the magazine because it is breath taking. She is a gorgeous design and i am thinking of adding her to my knit list. I would however make her 4 sizes bigger as i want to turn her into an off-shoulder garment. Wish me Luck

Exclusively Kaffe20140121-220810.jpg

This group of knitting patterns is actually part of a free collection that is now available on the knit rowan website for free download! yay for free stuff. So Even though these lovely photographs are featured within magazine 55, the patterns can only be found online. Also, I cannot move on without commenting on the beauty of this model. Her hair is EVERYTHING!

This is  a collection of easy to wear garments based on the key shapes of this season.

My favourite patterns from this collection:
Promenade, Driftwood and Wharf

8c2fa6d6260ab28b39c77737c5c55b0b 21d17f0a86c928d7e327eca3952ceea3 717f54a04eab38a5f7ef3a3bdbaa1f70

If i’m completely honest with you, this collection did not excite me in the least. It is full of stripes and i guess on some level this appeals to some people. Maybe its just not my cup of tea. But these 3 patterns stand out to me. I think I like the wearable everyday look that they all have.

All in all, when compared to last summers magazine – Rowan magazine 53 – I Adore this one. It is full of beautiful and challenging projects which will definitely turn heads. There is a lot of femininity in this edition which really appeals to me. I love nothing more than a soft, light and delicate piece of knitwear to keep me cool during the summer months. I should also add that i think the styling of the models within this magazine is really really good. Much better than in 53. So yeah, I love it!

This post is getting to be too long so I am going to stop talking now. Leave a comment below letting me know what your favourite piece from this magazine is, i would love to know.

Until next time, Lydia x

The Thing I Did Not Know

Hurrah! This blog is officially 1 month and 6 days old. For some reason, I personally feel as though it has been longer. But I checked the date of my first post and it was on the 6th of December 2013. I had to take a moment of silence to mark the birth date of my lovely knitting diary.

Before I decided to start my own blog, I spent a lot of time reading other blogs and being inspired by all the amazing people on this internet. After some time, I noticed that a few of my favourite blogs were not updated often enough. I would wait 1 month maybe 2 for another blog post. I remember feeling very frustrated because I loved these bloggers and found their posts so inspiring. Well, I can tell you I am no longer frustrated.

When I decided to commit myself to blogging, I though – oo this will be easy. I knit all the time so writing about knitting should and would be REALLy easy – how wrong was I? My initial plan was that I would write/publish a post every week.

I just discovered that when you are a blogger, Life happens.There are so many posts that I have started and not finished. I have so many ideas that I can’t seem to find time to sit down and write about them properly.

I guess all I’m saying is, I have not posted as often as a I thought I would and I now sympathise with all those bloggers that update once a month. I understand you and I know that the struggle is real lol.

Having this blog has been a learning curve and I am glad I chose to start this journey. I promise to start posting more than I have been doing. Just in case there is someone that likes reading my knitting diary.

Also, I would like to say a massive thank you to the people that read and follow this blog.

It blows me away that you chose to follow my diary. Thank you.

Until next time

x Lydia

At the top of the year


I love this blog post so much. It’s full of advice that every knitter needs. So glad I read it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Originally posted on Knitting to Stay Sane:

It’s the top of another new year, knitter friends, and so I decided to collect up the bits of advice that are the things I usually tell – or want to tell – to knitters, especially those who might be a bit newer to the craft and still struggling along. If you’ve taken a class with me or interacted with me in an extended fashion in any knitterly setting, you’ve probably heard me saying some of these things.

Some of these things are also, it bears mentioning, advice I have to remind myself of at times. We’re all works in progress, after all.

Happy New Year!


First and always, keep knitting.
You will keep getting better.

Respect your mistakes.
They are trying to teach you something new, usually when you are trying very hard not to learn something new.

Knit from where you are now.
Try hard to…

View original 685 more words

The Knit List 2014

During the period of time when one year ends and another begins – I’m talking about the couple of days leading up to Christmas and the 2 weeks after – I always find myself in a very hopeful mood. Around this time, I suddenly develop an overpowering urge to organise everything in my life; I think it’s the whole new year – new beginnings thing that makes me do this.
Anyway, I make lists, buy new notebooks, make inspirational posters and stick them around my room. I just go into organising overdrive. This urge of course does not necessarily last all year round. (Still not sure if that’s so good thing or not)

Once again, this time of year has come around and as I expected, I’m feeling very organisy (that is most certainly a made up word)

At this point, I must mention that I hope you had a lovely time celebrating the birth of baby Jesus. My family and I had a blast! It was honestly the best Christmas ever.

Anyway, forgive my digression. This year, as part of my list making frenzy, I have decided to compile a list of the things I want to knit in the coming year. Of course I am 100% sure that this list will get longer as the year goes on and the funny thing is I may not even get to knit everything on it. I’m hoping to still be blogging this time next year, I think it will be fun to look back at this list and see if I actually managed to knit what I said I would. I also want to see how many items I add to the list as the year goes by.

So without further ado, I proudly present to you The Knit List 2014 ! *Pops champagne and does an awkward dance loool*


Row 1:
1.Caft    2.Fayer    3.Shearling    4.Portree Sweater    5.Beatnik    6.Greenwich

Row 2:
1.Leaf    2.Adara    3.Oshima    4.Fort    5.Drew    6.Various Scarf Projects

There are twelve knitting projects because I am aiming to knit one garment every month of 2014. I totally agree with you that this is indeed and ambitious task and given that I am final year student studying for a Bsc in Accounting and Management, I really do not have all the time in the world to sit around and knit. It is also very ambitious because there are several projects that I am sure I will fall in love with and want to knit during the coming year.

That is why I’m cheating the system a little bit. I have already cast on for 2 of the garments so I’m hoping to do as much knitting as possible between now and the 3rd of January which is when I go back to university.

I have not given a lot of information about the garments and why I have chosen them in this post because I plan to do a monthly post where I explain the reason they are on the list. I am truly excited about this so wish me luck :)

Until next time

x Lydia

Finished Stitches !

Recently finished knitting this soft, warm, beautiful and altogether perfect cardigan as an early christmas gift for my best friend Aye-Jay.
She loves if so much she agreed to model it for me.

Garment Details:

Pattern: Nora
Designer: Kim Hargreaves
Published in: Smoulder
Yarn Used: Rowan Tumble Colours
Needle size: 10mm and 12mm

Kim_Smoulder_Nora_1 Kim_Smoulder_Nora_2

I made one major alteration to the pattern which was to seam it in stocking stitch instead of reverse stocking stitch. I think it just looked better that way. Even though I stitched it this way, I knitted it according to the pattern instructions which were for a reverse stocking stitch garment. Because of this the increases and decreases show up on the right side of the garment (well it was originally intended to be the wrong side. (I know it sounds complicated but that last sentence totally made sense in my head :D)

Adjoa and I tried taking pictures of the garment today but we didn’t get many nice ones because of the poor lighting – thanks for nothing British weather!

Anyways,  Here are a few poor quality pictures. We had to resort to instagram to help edit the pictures but hey, I guess its better than nothing.


Above is a collage of a few of the pictures that we took today. I know the pictures do not really show the reverse stocking stitch but with the lighting conditions, these are honestly the best pictures we could get.

It is really a lovely cardigan. I am even thinking of making one for myself. In a different colour maybe?

A Little Knit-Spiration

I love winter for several reasons. For example, tea is an all year thing for me, but during winter, I can have 10 cups a day without feeling an obligation to explain with every cup full that: I love tea, and it makes me feel good. – hmm its starting to sound like an addiction now :o !

(Please note, there are also several reasons why I also hate winter and that’s why I pray for summer everyday but alas my love – hate relationship with the current season is not what this blog post is about.)

This blog post, mes amie, is about several things I am seeing right now that make me want to pick up a pencil to design something, or grab my needles and start knitting. I love that during the winter season, retail clothing stores get flooded with wonderfully designed knitwear. The sight of then really inspires me to get more creative.

So here is to the start of a new thing:

Moments of Knit-Spiration: things that inspire me to design/knit something < I don’t yet know how frequent will be but lets see where it goes!


The knitwear above was displayed in banana Republic window. I love how crisp and tidy the cables in the jumpers are and that snood just looks as soft and fluffy as the clouds (lol i think i’m getting a little poetic now) and can you go wrong with a colour like cream?

All the following pictures are from pinterest:

9400d1a4c255c4e2bbaa6d6b33a19dc2 49190ea932734c13b14c0351d237350a f1043b2529fcf682155581c84b1c40e7

The Scarf – I’m about to make one just like it

The snood – Reminds me that there is still hope for all my left over yarn

The cables Jumper – Mustard is the most beautiful colour I have seen this winter & those cables scream knit me!

So here it is. My very first knit-spiration post

hope you like it. Until next time.


A New Stitch

For so long, I have been thinking about starting a knitting blog & now that I have jumped into the deep end and started one, I must admit that I am really excited. In fact, I am a lot more excited than I thought I would be. Most people who know me don’t know it, but this is not my first attempt at a knitting blog. In the past I have tried and failed miserably at writing to many unknown people. This attempt however feels very different. I don’t know if it’s because its winter time and Christmas is just around the corner. Honestly, I cannot think of a better time to just sit down with a lovely cup of tea and a fabulous knitting project. but hey, I’m biased; tea and knitting are honestly my favorite things on the planet! (at this point feel free to imagine me with my hand on my heart. lol)

Anyway, I digress. Basically I know that this attempt is going to be successful and I hope you stick around for the journey.

Welcome to my life in stitches, the place where I remember to take life one stitch at a time.

Love you already